They said aboutKifah Fayad

Fadi Kawar, CSD, PG integrated (Formerly Publicis Graphics)

Dr. Kifah Fayad coaching style is unique. He is the master of Metaphors, story telling, and dynamic performance on stage.

H.E. Lt. Dahi Khalfan, Ex. Dubai Police Commander

Dr. Kifah Fayad has deep knowledge in Management & HR skills besides excellent ability to develop human resources.

Mohd Madi, President, Madi International (KSA,UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon)

Dr. Kifah Fayad is a great Trainer and Management Consultant who added a lot to our group in all areas, He trains and coaches people from the heart and it is difficult to compare him with other trainers in the Arab world.

Samir Abdul Hadi, Ex. MD, Khatib & Alami

Dr. Kifah Fayad’s unique training style is based on active participation which results in immediate benefits. He is sincere and has long in depth experience in his field which can be felt clearly through practical examples and far from theory.

Raed Debs, General Manager. Interiors- Dubai -UAE

Dr. Kifah Fayad’s flow of thoughts and the ability to create changes in people is outstanding.

Ayman Al Takrori ,Microsoft Corporation

Dr. Kifah Fayad’ training Workshop created a lot of positive change amongst all the participant . His workshops are dynamic, interactive and very motivational.

Shawqi Sajwani, Ex-Chairman, Dubai Quality group

Dr. Kifah Fayad’s training style is easy, interesting and result oriented.

Abdullah Abdul Rahim Al Fahim, General Manager & owner of Al Fahim Trading Enterprises

Dr. Kifah Fayad’s unique style in training helps participants benefit fast and benefit for the better.

Ali Naboodah. Managing Director, Al Naboodah Automobiles,Dubai

Dr. Kifah Fayad’s style is so impressive and he is an expert in attracting his participants’ attention and concentration through his excellent stories and examples.

Jamal Awad, Deputy CEO, Grand Stores

Dr. Kifah Fayad’s style is so simple, uncomplicated and straight to the point. I had the chance to attend his workshops and listen to his audios I gained a lot through reminding myself of what I know and explore what is new in order to continuously add value to my staff and to my organization.
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