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The Car and the Staff

I had a conversation with a Manager of a company and the topic was the role and importance of training and development nowadays. His point of view was not positive regarding training and he was telling me why I should send my staff for training. Employees are with me to work and they learn from experience especially that the training time is usually at the expense of working hours.. I asked him: “Do you have cars in your company?”.. His response was obviously: “Of Course”… I said:”Do you send them for servicing and maintenance?” He said: “Yes” so my reply was: “Why do you have to spend time, money and effort on yours?” He said to make sure they work well and to solve the problems upfront. I said that is my point. Training is a maintenance procedure where employees gain new skills, are reminded of what they know, and they break the work routine and refresh their abilities. Then he said you are right, but what if I train my employees and they leave. I said what are you going to do with your car later, is there a chance that you are going to change it? And if you are going to sell it one day or exchange it, so why should you send it for service. I think you have to make sure that as long as the car is with you it needs maintenance to give you the best results while with you Employees are like cars. Cars take to you goals and employees also take you to your goal. You need the best car and you need the employees to be at their best. He smiled said when is your next maintenance session. I smiled back and told him for or for your staff. With a laugh he said: “For both of us”

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