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The secret to building an effective work team

  • The adhesive tape that binds the members of any work team is respect, and it is the main secret in creating an atmosphere of work in which each member highlights his capabilities and productivity. Team effectiveness stems from mutual respect. Nor can this respect come from people who do not respect themselves and do not respect their own capabilities
  • When every member of the team respects himself, the idea of ​​success as a team grows and the idea of ​​personal success weakens at the expense of others
  • When every team member respects himself, difference of opinion is no longer a major obstacle because team members do not seek respect for others as an obsession. Many members look for respect from others because he has no self-respect.
  • When every member of the team respects himself, he does not try to destroy others to become better than them, so he knows that he is good and respects that and considers that a difference of opinion does not spoil friendliness.
  • Self-esteem is an easy thing to gain if every member answers this question: “What distinctive abilities do I have that can earn me the respect of others?”
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