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Top Ten Tips for Customer Service.

  • Be Your Customer
    Live the life of your customer and experience what they do. Stand in line, call your call-center, soak up feedback.
  • Give Memorable Service
    Make the life’s mission of everyone (yes, everyone!) to be customer-focused – even those seemingly out of direct line of fire.
  • Have Product Available
    Generally, you can’t sell it if you haven’t got it. Work your systems hard and focused to get product there on time.
  • Listen Hard to Complaints
    Complaints are a wonderful gift – it is feedback of the highest order. Enjoy them and learn fast.
  • Enable Your People
    Enable and encourage your people to give an immediate and generous customer response.
  • React Fast
    Make sure that you and your people work with pace and immediacy with customer issues.
  • Be Systems Focused
    Ask, ‘What would my customer think of this – would it give brilliant service?’ If not, reshape the system fast.
  • Be Curious
    Encourage everyone in your team to overhear, be nosy, ask questions and feedback information from your customers.
  • Research the Marketplace
    Do more in your own business from what you experience as a customer elsewhere. Encourage your people to do this too.
  • Have Fun
    Have fun with your customers. It builds relationships. Relationships are business.
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