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How do you gain the respect of your manager?

  • Do you feel that your boss is not relying on you for important matters? Do you feel that you are not trusted by your manager? Are you looking for ways to gain his attention, interest, and respect? Try the following:
  • Be observant, not a complainer. The manager hates the most is complaining even if the employee has a right to what he says. Try as much as possible to get the job done, not make excuses and complain
  • Constantly improve your skills. If the manager feels that you are part of the solutions and that you are a helper in the problems that you face through your job, then you will be acceptable to him because there is no manager looking for a non-productive employee in most of the time
  • Think positively. Mistakes are contained in any work, and you manage to make your mistakes a big mistake in itself. Do not try to hide the mistakes because if discovered by the manager, this leads to a loss of credibility and respect for him at the same time
  • Be accepted by others. Success does not depend only on your success on your own, and most of the time your positive relationships with team members lead to the great respect of your managers.
  • Important note: I have put a sentence “most of the time” because sometimes you encounter managers who do not like the employee to stand out. Even if he develops himself, they consider this a great challenge for them, and there are also managers who do not want successful and efficient employees because this reduces their status and steals the spotlight from them. In general, managers are looking for productive and competent employees¬†
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